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How Do Used Clothes Help African Economy? According to a report titled “Africa’s Cross-border E-commerce Development Report 2020” released by the E-commerce Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences. The total value of cross-border e-commerce imports and exports approved by Africa Customs reached 631.7 million dollars in 2020 with a growth rate of 40.3%. Additionally, […]

Por qué los africanos prefieren la ropa usada de China en lugar de la de Estados Unidos? Hay diferencias de ropa usada entre China y Estados Unidos Muchos africanos prefieren la ropa usada de China a la de Estados Unidos, por varias razones. La ropa china y la ropa estadounidense han formado su propio estilo […]

Pourquoi les Africains préfèrent-ils les vêtements usagés de Chine plutôt que ceux des États-Unis ? Il existe des différences entre les vêtements usagés de Chine et ceux des États-Unis. De nombreux Africains préfèrent les vêtements d’occasion provenant de Chine plutôt que des États-Unis, et ce pour plusieurs raisons. Les vêtements chinois et les vêtements américains […]

Why Africans Prefer Used Clothes From China Rather Than From US? There are differences of used clothes between China and US Many Africans prefer used clothes from China rather than from US, it has several reasons. Chinese clothing and US clothing have formed their own distinctive style and used clothes system nowadays , which are difference in price, style, size, decoration ,color, level of used clothes and supply […]

Used Clothes From China Be Most Popular In Africa In the picture, the largest open-air market and the distribution center for second-hand clothes in Africa. Additionally, thousands of stalls selling the bales of used clothes from China. Firstly, 4 reasons for the booming market of second-hand clothing in Africa: 1: Fashion Styles  Styles of second hand kids […]