Our Order Transaction Process Can Be Divided Into Four Three Steps.

Before the deal

1.1 Know your needs

At the beginning, our sales staff will ask some details based on the content of your inquiry. For example, your quantity,the items you need and where your market is, etc. We need such specific information to provide you with better service.

1.2 Confirm your order

Once our sales is aware of your order requirements, we will calculate the price and quantity based on the packing list. After both of us are satisfied with the list, we will proceed to confirm the payment method and shipping cost.

1.2.1 Confirm the shipping freight

After the order is confirmed, our ocean freight colleagues will check the freight rates based on the quantity, the weight and the destination port information of the order.
However, since shipping rates are updated frequently, our ocean freight quotes may be time-sensitive.

1.2.2 Confirm the payment

We need to know your payment method because it is important to us. Currently for new customers, We can do EXW Guangzhou.or FOB/CIF price.
Terms of payment: Pre-paid 40% deposit, and the full of balance should be paid after loading container before delivery.
Please write to us if you have any questions about the payment method.

1.3 Arrange the production

Once our sales and customer have finalized everything about the order and the customer has made a deposit, we will arrange the order production. Generally, it takes one week to complete the orders.

During the production

2.1 Sample and raw material procurement


Logo customization: We will pack a bale with the outer package designed as required and give you feedback to make sure the package is in accordance with your requirements.
Common package: We will pack a bale and send you pictures and video. Make sure the appearance and the size is correct.

Raw Material Purchasing:

Our purchasing department will purchase raw materials according to the order. Our raw materials are collected from the top tier cities in China. High quality raw materials guarantee the quality of our products.

2.2 Production and Inspection

Our production line has a special staff and sales one-on-one docking, to ensure that the order production is accurate, problems can also be timely communication and adjustment.

We have dedicated staff to record and feedback production and quality control to our customers, so that they can be informed of the production and quality of goods. We have 20 production lines and 300 experienced production line workers. On the line we do the first quality check and sorting, all by hand, to ensure that every garment is carefully checked.

A second quality check is performed before packing, and a second 100% check is performed on the finished line to ensure that the goods are 95% high quality. In addition to product quality control, the style of each product is also very important to us, we will eliminate the old style.

After the production

3.1 Finished Product Storage

All of our used garments are placed in the finished goods warehouse waiting to be loaded after production. A special sampling inspection is done before the garment is put into the warehouse. Our sales will also give feedback to the customer that the production is completed and arrange the final payment and shipment.

3.2 Shipping

Once we have received full payment from the customer, we will arrange the shipment. We will also arrange a inspection before shipment, this quality inspection is random to ensure the quality of our goods. What we do is to provide you with the best quality used clothes.

For each of the above, our sales staff maintains daily feedback with the customer to ensure that the customer knows the specifics of the order.


What is zagumi‘s mini quantity?

As the top 3 second hand clothes supplier in China, we only serve large used clothing sellers. Therefore, our minimum order quantity is one container, and a strong supplier means a stable supply and high quality goods.

How many bales can be load in a container?

Used Clothes: 1 container like 20ft(14400kgs for 320 bales) or 40ft(28800kgs for 640 bales). 45 kg per bale.

Used Shoes: 1 container like 20ft(14400kgs for 550 bales) or 40ft(28800kgs for 1000 bales). 25 kg per bale.

How much about zagumi’s products?

Used Summer Clothes

  1. 20 ft container: $23000.00—$25000.00 without freight.
  2. 40 ft container: $45000.00—$50000.00 without freight.

Used Winter Clothes

  1. 40 ft container: $20000.00—$25000.00 without freight.

Used Shoes

We need to know your specific needs before we can quote.

When will we finish the goods?

It will take us about a week to finish your order.

How about the freight and shipping date?


Because shipping is updated frequently, we will check your order and destination for you once we know it.

Shipping Date:

  • Latin America: 7 to 8 weeks
  • Eastern Africa: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Middle East: 4 to 5 weeks
  • Western Africa: 7 to 8 weeks
  • North Africa: 5 to 6 weeks
  • Southeast Asia: 5 to 6 days
Can I place a sample order first?

Second-hand clothing is a non-standard product and samples do not give a visual indication of the quality. If you are worried about the quality of the product, we welcome you to visit our factory.

Can I buy a container of single item?

In order to win the market, we heartily recommend you to buy multiple products. A wide range of used clothes can help you sell better and meet the needs of more retailers and end users. Thus, you can earn more profit.

How many cubic meters in one container?

20FT Container: 32 Cubic Meters

40HQ Container: 68 Cubic Meters

Used Clothes:

40kg/Bale: 0.1049 cubic meters

45kg/Bale: 0.1245 cubic meters

65kg/Bale: 0.1545 cubic meters

85KG/Bale: 0.236 cubic meters

90kg/Bale: 0.237 cubic meters

Used Shoes:

25kg/Bale: 0.14 cubic meters

Consult Your Zagumi Used Clothing Expert

Let our professional team help you profit and win in the used clothing industry.

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Consult Your Zagumi Used Clothing Expert

Let our professional team help you profit and win in the used clothing industry.

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