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Excellent Quality: Zagumi provides high quality used bags, our leather bags are all raw materials from domestic first-tier cities, fashionable style. It is a hot selling product in Southeast Asia and Africa market.

Packing: 40 kg in one package, we can use different packing materials to pack according to your different needs, we can also customize the logo.

Including Items: Our mixed bags include leather bags, school bags, cloth bags, wallets, brand bags, etc.

Price: High price/performance ratio, big profit, good price competitive advantage in Southeast Asia, Africa market.

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Your Used Fashion Expert – Zagumi

Making second-hand textiles a new fashion trend again is the goal that keeps us moving forward.

Now Zagumi is one of the top three second-hand clothing exporters in China, with annual sales of 500 million. We are a used clothing source factory with integrated industry and trade.

We have two sorting factories and our headquarters are in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. We currently have 400 employees and nearly 40 sorting lines. Our huge sorting capacity allows us to produce ten 40-feet containers a day, and our standardized production keeps our quality stable.


Good Materials & Reputation
Zagumi collects second hand bags, totes, backpacks and wallets etc. in affluent areas such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China, which are then sorted and packaged by the factory into different categories to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Used handbags are quality assured and at good prices, making them a sought-after hoo for many customers

Branded Designer Handbags For Cheap
You can get best 2nd hand bags in our premium category. Sorting process makes sure these handbags have no holes, stains or excessive wear signs. They are usually packed in bales of 40kg and come in many styles and colors. The package also includes small backpacks, purses and wallets. Premium category often includes popular brands or famous designers like Gucci, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Coach.

Affordable pricing and decent quality
If you’re interested in cheaper second hand bags you can have a look at our mixed bags. Including many varieties, no stains, no damage, no scratches, more women’s leather bags, a small number of big brand bags, a variety of styles, fashion, color color good. Each package is a mix of bags for different occasions and they come in many colors and sizes. Apart from handbags the package contains also purses, wallets, and used school bags. First category items come in 100 lb (45 kg) bale.

Customers Feedback

Good Quality & with Brand

I really like Zagumi used bags because the quality of the bags is very good and the spare parts are intact. And it also contains branded bags.


Good Partner

I have been working with Zagumi for two years now and they are great to work with.

High Quality

Without a doubt, Zagumi used products are the best. The quality is very good and the price is very affordable.

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Let our professional team help you profit and win in the used clothing industry.

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Consult Your Zagumi Used Clothing Expert

Let our professional team help you profit and win in the used clothing industry.

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