Used Small Wallet wholesale

Small wallet types

Used bags: Clutch bag, business coin purse, card holder bag, cell phone bag, student small wallet, mini bill bag, mini coin purse, etc.

The common fabrics of small wallets are mainly

Pure leather, patent leather, leather products, etc.

Raw materials

Our coin purse raw materials are all taken from the domestic first-line cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, these cities are economically developed, high living standards, the raw materials collected from these places are good quality, good-looking and practical.


Fine leather, wear-resistant, full of luster.

Our market

East Africa as well as Southeast Asian markets have a high demand for used small wallets.

Brands included

Louis Vuitton LV, Gucci O Guzi Gucci, Lee, Levi's Levi's, Anna Sui Anna Sui, Boss Boss, Crocodile Lacoste, St. Paul Polo, etc.

Small purse packing situation

20 kg a package, according to your different needs packaging staff using environmentally friendly packaging materials for packaging, there can help you customize Logo.


Cost-effective, large profits, in Southeast Asia, East Africa market has price competitive. Get Pricing Now

The advantages of the small wallet

New style, fashion, no stains, no damage, no scratches, nice color, although it is small, but the role is not small, can show their taste, more anti-theft.