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Used Men Shirt Long Sleeve wholesale Men's Shirt Long Sleeve styles Casual shirts, sports shirts, dress shirts, everyday shirts. Men's Shirt Long Sleeve fabric is mainly Cotton fabric, 100% chemical fiber fabric, linen fabric, wool fabric, blended fabric, silk fabric, Tilan fabric, eyelet fabric. Raw materials ZAGUMI used clothes are all raw materials from the domestic first-line cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, these cities are economically developed, high living standards, from these places to collect the raw materials of good quality, novel style. Quality No color loss, brilliant colors, luster, noble and elegant, soft texture, drape and brace. Our market Southeast Asia and South America markets are popular for men's shirts long sleeve. Brands included Hengyuanxiang, Hailan House HLA, Yagor, Qipi Wolf, Romon, GXG, Sugo, Mark Huafei, Qibai, Lilang. Men's shirts long sleeve packing situation We can pack 100kg, 80kg, 50kg, 45kg of various packaging, according to your different needs packaging staff using environmentally friendly packaging materials for packaging, there can help you customize Logo. Price Cost-effective, large profits, in Southeast Asia, South America market has price competitive. The advantages of men's shirts long sleeve A variety of fashionable styles, good color, comfortable to wear, best-selling single product.