Zagumi focuses on the enterprise's long-term development and hopes to bring the best service to every customer. Thus, we sincerely guarantee the following points. 1. Wide variety. The bales consist of Roman blinds, folding blinds, combination blinds, strap blinds, roller blinds, open blinds, pleats, vertical blinds. 2. In good condition. All the used curtains have no stains, no damage, no scratches, no fading. 3. Excellent quality. All the used curtains have passed SGS certification, and the fabric is good, using Polyester, linen, cloth, silk, suede, etc. 4. High-cost performance, make more profits for you. They are prevalent in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Ghana, Togo, Congo, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia. It’s not uncommon to find brands like SPINELLI VINCENZO、RATTI、D'ETOFFE、PROSETEX、DANZO 、CTA、IFI、LINDER、TEKSKO、BARTOLINI HOME, etc., among them.All the used curtains are packed in 40kg per bale, mixed styles.And there are high-quality used clothes and shoes