We are serious about engaging in the second-hand clothing industry and have worked with enthusiasm since 2013 in this field. We sincerely guarantee the following points to our customers. 1. Wide variety. The bales consist of Tapered pants, flared pants, casual pants, high-waisted pants, mid-waisted pants, low-waisted pants, cropped pants, pants with tiny feet,Used Camouflage Clothing , etc. 2. In good condition. All the used ladies pants have no stains, no damage, no scratches, no fading, and are 90% new, novel, and good color in that they are collected from domestic first-tier cities in China. 3. Excellent quality. They have passed SGS certification, and the fabric is good, using chemical fiber fabrics, nylon cotton, pearl sail, stretch denim, corduroy, pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure linen, etc. 4. High-cost performance, make more profits for you. They are trendy in Kenya, Somalia, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Congo, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia. And it's not uncommon to find brands like M•SUYA, Best, Salida, Only, Levi's, ESEY, Crown of Thousands, GIRDER, etc. All the used ladies' pants are packed in 40kg per bale, mixed styles.