Our procurement team is professional, so that we can purchase different raw materials from multiple angles and aspects to consider customers’ needs. We faithfully guarantee:
1. Various styles. The bales consist of a short-sleeved T-shirt, sleeveless T-shirt, round neck T-shirt, lapel T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt, loose T-shirt, slim T-shirt, etc.
2. Good looks. All the used men T-shirts short sleeves have no stains, no damage, no scratches, no fading, and are 90% new, novel, and good color in that they are collected from domestic first-tier cities in China.
3. Good quality. All the used men’s T-shirts’ short sleeves have passed SGS certification, and the fabric is good, using Polyester cotton, 100% cotton, Lycra cotton, mercerized cotton, double mercerized cotton, Lycra.
4. High-cost performance, seek more profits for you. They are cheap and trendy in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya, Somalia, Cape Verde, Lesotho, etc.
What’s more, it is not uncommon to find MUGUO, Jack Jones, Giordano, King of the Nine Animals, Masamasuo, etc. from them. And There are quality used clothes and shoes and used curtain and sheets, etc.T-shirts’ short sleeves are packed in various packages of 100kg, 80kg, 50kg, 45kg, according to your different needs.